Cannathèque, en exclusivité, votre nouveau shop de CBD
au Grand-Duché du Luxembourg!

C’est après de longues recherches, des visites et des entretiens avec les développeurs et spécialistes du produit que nous sommes à présent en mesure de vous proposer de façon professionnelle et responsable, une gamme de produits dans notre nouvelle boutique.

Notre approche s’attache au respect de l’écologie et au souci de la santé.

Alex Quirin
Alex Quirin
13:49 18 Jun 19
Super friendly stuff , good advices and a good quality of products. Cannatheque - The best local hemp shop ❤️
Osch Alexandre
Osch Alexandre
13:46 18 Jun 19
Super friendly people and professional stuff, there is always new stuff, new flowers, new vaporaisers, new foods, etc... For me they have no competitor in Luxemburg! Still my favorite shop in Lux, and it will always be. If you wanna smoke CBD with a great taste and quality, this is the right place!read more
Schuler Sophie
Schuler Sophie
12:41 18 Jun 19
If you don't know much or nothing about CBD but you're open to learning more about it or trying it out, I can only recommend the cannathèque to you! Good products, beautiful exhibition and the most important very polite workers! For me the best CBD store from Luxembourg!read more
Bob Arendt
Bob Arendt
14:33 20 Feb 19
within the 4 shops there are in lux'bg city, the 3 I visited made me realize this is the best place. Friendly staff, good advice, respectable range of choice regardless of what products. even though the herb grinder section might be a bit disappointing for well experienced users that shouldn't keep you from visiting this place since it really is my favorite shop atm.read more
Daresta Luca V.
Daresta Luca V.
23:39 13 Feb 19
The past years as well as today, the use of alternative therapy for curing and helping sustain your health against pain and symptoms is a hot topic. I have read some interesting studies about using hemp-based products to reinforce your body and your metabolism, which has led me to visit the shop Cannathèque near Luxembourgs central station. The Cannathèque is to me the perfect place to find selected CBD products. It is located very near to the Gare of Luxembourg (Central Station) and allows easy access for travellers to jump in and get what you desire. And if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, the staff will help you finding what fits to your needs. Polite and competent stuff. Great variety of products. Cool gift ideas in there by the way. I can recommend this shop to all the people who believe that natural is better than pharmaceutical. So 5/5 for this one.read more
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